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Shotcrete technology has evolved considerably over the years, providing the industry with numerous options to meet the parameters of each specific application. Putzmeister Shotcrete Technology brings you solutions and equipment for all your needs in the refractory, undergound, mortar and civil industries.

Covering the world with Shotcrete solutions. Putzmeister has earned a reputation for excellence and expertise built on a commitment to application-oriented engineering and customer service. Today, Putzmeister Shotcrete Technology leads the industry in the design and manufacture of wet- and dry-process Shotcrete equipment.




Delivers smooth and accurate application

Mechanized shotcreting for productivity and safety at underground and civil job sites

The main components of a Putzmeister mechanized concrete spraying machine – spraying arm, concrete pump, chassis and control software – are designed, developed and produced internally.

Spraying arm

Designed for Shotcrete, with a maximum vertical spraying reach of 17m and remote control operated, the robust spraying arm found in Putzmeister equipment allows the operator to carry out a smooth and accurate application.

Concrete pump

Putzmeister has been world famous as the manufacturer of concrete pumps par excellence for 60 years.

The concrete pump mounted on the equipment is specially designed for concrete spraying, guaranteeing high performance, low pulsations and a long life for the wear parts.



Delivers smooth and accurate application

Control system

The Putzmeister control system monitors the correct relation of accelerator dosage and concrete being pumped. Quickly and easily view system data or diagnose faults on the dash-mounted control panel as it manages the correct functioning and security of the concrete pump and collects the spraying data for download and processing. Also view the rear-view camera from this convenient display.

Robust chassis

The chassis is designed to meet underground demands and made of high-resistance steel to stand the harshest working conditions. Its 4-wheel-drive, 4-wheel steering and crab-mode provide maneuverability in difficult driving situations.

Its excellent climbing capacity and great ground clearance facilitate off-road driving.

Control Panel

Monitors and manages functioning of the concrete pump

Additive pump

To obtain the early resistance you require, you will need to accelerate the hardening of the concrete with accelerators. To ensure that the dosage is in line with the concrete flow at all times, the Putzmeister dosing device automatically synchronizes with the concrete pump.

On-board compressor

Despite their compact size, our concrete spraying equipment includes the option of an air compressor built into the chassis, which endows it with high mobility and the option of autonomous operation, an added value which is highly demanded.

Additive pump


Putzmeister Thom-Katt Advantages

Wider - Work longer with a bigger fuel tank on our wide, high-strength trailer, built for maximum towing stability.

Stronger - Count on our reliable S-Valve for strong, long-lasting performance. A gradual reduction from the hard-chromed material cylinders to the outlet ensures even flow and longer life. Few wear parts, a single seal surface and hard-faced S-Valve and wear ring mean lower operating and replacement costs.

Tougher - Gulp down the toughest mixes in our specially designed hopper. Its dynamic shape eliminates hard-to-clean areas, so a steady flow can funnel down the angled hopper sides. Cleanup is a breeze.

Smoother - Run smooth with twin-shifting cylinders, providing more precise shifting of the splined shaft S-Valve, reduced shock in the system, and less line surge. The ball-and-socket design has fewer parts for easy maintenance and long life.

Safer - The control box provides real-time presentation of pump information, diagnostics and an emergency run mode. This feature allows the operators to make sure their pump is operating at peak performance. As always, depend on electric cycling for reversibility at any point in the stroke and to relieve line pressure.


Thom-Katt Advantages

Tackles a variety of applications