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KOS Double-piston pump with S-transfer tube

In the KOS series, the intake (for connection of the delivery line) and the delivery cylinders are connected by an S-transfer tube. This enables a free-flowing conveyance of the material without the use of valves. Foreign bodies up to 2/3 of the size of the discharge outlet can be conveyed without any issue.

The KOS pump is particularly suitable for conveying highly viscous sludge and other material with a high proportion of extraneous material. The main fields of application of the KOS are with materials which present the most extreme requirements, such as dewatered sludge containing solids, oil sludge, high- viscosity solids and so on. For extreme applications, a wide range of task-specific components and functions are available from Putzmeister. The pump’s simple design and the few wear parts offers a very robust, low maintenance pump with low operating costs.

KOS Double Piston Pump With S-transfer tube

Apt for conveying highly viscous sludges and other material

HSP Piston Pump with Seat Valves

HSP Piston pump with seat valves

Used for arduous applications

HSP Piston pump with seat valves

The seat valve pump is used for arduous applications. The HSP series is used with paste-like and highly viscous material with a low content of foreign bodies and small particle sizes (< 5mm).

Precise sealing of the valves means that extremely high pumping pressures can be achieved. The principle behind the design of the hydraulic and pumping pistons is the same as in the Putzmeister KOS and KOV series. This ensures maximum reliability and availability.

Two special features of the Putzmeister design are that not only is it a simple matter to replace the valves but the design also means a long service life for all wearing parts. Valves and valve seatings are made of highly wear-resistant steels and can be used at either end. This doubles their service life. Valves can be easily replaced without dismantling the delivery lines.

A pulsation-free conveyance can be achieved with the PCF system (Pressure Constant Flow, optional). All of the familiar Putzmeister options and variations (ex-protection, materials) are available with the HSP series on request as well.

HSP Piston Pump with Seat Valves

HSP Piston pump with seat valves

Used for arduous applications

KOV Piston pump with ball valves

The KOV series is characterized by its straightforward design and high reliability. The suction and delivery cylinders are connected by passively operated balls.

The valves are passively operated, which makes it an inexpensive pump with maximum availability. There are no issues or complications when pumping fine-grained mortar and low-consistency slurries, even when they contain foreign bodies up to 10mm in size.

Depending on the specific individual case, the balls and valve seats can be supplied in different materials and coatings. A maintenance aperture allows an easy and rapid replacement of the ball valves.

KOV Piston Pump With Ball Valves

Known for its straightforward design and high reliability

EKO Single Piston Pump

The specialist in conveying high density solids

EKO Single piston pump

The EKO is a specialist when it comes to conveying high-density solids that are too much for other pumps. Extremely dry media mixed with a wide variety of foreign bodies are fed through the open material chambers of the pump. The hydraulically driven piston presses materials into the pipeline that previously could not be pumped, such as extremely dewatered paper sludge.

EKO with feeding screw THS / screw conveyor

Completely leak-tight – the clean and safe solution. The SMP solution is one of the only ways to eliminate hazardous wastes without any human contact with the product. The system is fully automatic. It reduces the contamination risk for the operating technicians. A large range of wastes can be treated. They can be bulk, in a container / box or on a wood pallet. The Putzmeister EKO pump is able to handle very big particles like shredded containers. It grants a continuous operation and avoid as much as possible human actions.

EKO with feeder WADO + compactor

Compressed into the pump – for the optimum performance. The pump represents the bottle neck of the total installation. It’s absolutely mandatory to optimize the feeding and increase as much as possible the through put of the piston pump. The Putzmeister Wado system together with the compactor system is used to push the maximum of waste into the compression chamber of the pump. We are reaching a very high feeding ratio. The Putzmeister Wado system is less sensitive to the long elements. We have no risk to get waste wrapping around the shafts.

Principle of function and pump construction

The material to be conveyed is fed into the pump via a material feeding hopper.

  1. A hydraulic drive cylinder moves the plunger forwards and backwards. As the piston is retracting, the feed chamber is filled.
  2. The plunger pushes the compressed material out of the feed chamber into the supply cylinder.
  3. The slide valve opens on entry of the plunger into the cylinder.
  4. The hydraulically driven plunger delivers the material into the pipeline.
  5. The gate valve closes the pipeline, preventing any reverse flow material. In addition, this prevents "burn back" from the furnace.
  6. The plunger returns to its starting position, thus opening the feed chamber allowing the material to enter.

The Gate valve

A special gate valve designed for extremely heavy loading prevents back-flow of material from the discharge pipe. This gate valve is directly attached to the outlet flange of the EKO and is operated via the pump’s control system. An automatic lubrication system guarantees reliable operation, even with continuous use. The specially formed, robust valve blade is made from highly wear resistant steel, which easily shears foreign bodies on closing. For bulky dry material that cannot flow back (e.g. screenings), a lamellar non­-return valve is used. This is a simply-added economical and reliable system.

EKO Single Piston Pump

The specialist in conveying high density solids

Power pack units

Power pack units are the heart of every piston pump. These power packs have proved their effectiveness more than 10,000 times with concrete pumps and now they power up industrial pumps that convey the material.

Depending on the quantity of oil needed, an open or closed oil-circuit can be used. The closed oil-circuit is used when reaching large delivery capacities, which means considerable cost-savings. The oil-circuits are designed for hydraulic pressures of up to 300 bar. This equals delivery capacities of up to 150 bar, for a short time up to 160 bar.

Power Pack Units

Extremely effective power source for concrete pumps